Tyshawn & King

Tyshawn/King is mesmerizing, the sound of man and machine interlocking and constructing a world of inventive pathways… simultaneously monumental and heady, but an infectious joy to actually listen to… Tyshawn/King is a dream.

Foxy Digitalis (Brad Rose)

The Best Jazz and Experimental Music of 2021


Upon first meeting one another, drummer / composer, Tyshawn Sorey and synthesist / producer, King Britt, had a mutual respect for one another’s practice. 

Growing up in Newark NJ, Tyshawn was exposed to east coast club & electronic music, which always had a special place in his heart. His record collection is an example of a true connoisseur of the genre, who has travelled the world extensively. Working with everyone from Vijay Iyer to George Lewis, Tyshawn is one of the most sought after composers and improvisors in music, he had yet to explore his electronic side, except for his occasional unannounced dj sets! 

King Britt’s continued contribution to the advancement of electronic music, producing or remixing everyone from Solange to Miles Davis, help solidify his native Philadelphia as a necessary point on the map for dance music enthusiasts. Growing up in a household of jazz fusion, funk and soul, his love of the electronic heroes of those genres, pushed him to explore djing and improvising with musicians using the cutting edge technologies available. 

These two titans went into the studio for 2 days, which happen to fall right before the world went into lockdown in 2019. With no rehearsals, direction or plan, armed with drums & synths, these two did what they do best and created a sonic documentation of fearless exploration into polyrhythmic time travel. They were channeling and conjuring sounds from an alternate universe, releasing whatever emotions were in the moment. They were focused on the journey leaving the destination in the listener’s mind. 

We hope you enjoy the ride. 

released October 21, 2021

Produced by King Britt & Tyshawn Sorey

Written by King Britt (Cosmic Lounge Music ASCAP) & Tyshawn Sorey (Tyshawn Sorey Music BMI)’

Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Munsey
Mastered by Heba Kadry

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