Congratulations to Qasim Naqvi, listed by The Daily Beast as one of The 40 Most Intriguing Musicians of 2016.

…a suite of seven short pieces weaving in and out of time to explore the principles of chance and intention—in both music and history. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, the scope of Naqvi’s album is nothing if not ambitious. But without a minute wasted, Naqvi manages to explore the power of music in all of its complexity…

Maggie Molloy, Second Inversion

Congratulations to Qasim Naqvi, listed here in The Daily Beast’s list of The 40 Most Intriguing Musicians of 2016.

Mixed and mastered by Andrew Munsey

Released November 13, 2015
NNA Tapes

Music for mixed instruments
Composed and conducted by Qasim Ali Naqvi

Soundtrack to the film installation “City and the City”
by Mariam Ghani and Erin Ellen Kelly

Recorded live at the Church of the Advent of Hope
March 9th, 2015

Recording engineer: Aaron Roche

The Contemporary Music Ensemble of NYU
Jonathan Haas: Director and Conductor

Fute: Patricia Cardona
Clarinet: Peter Scuderi
Vibraphone: Russell Fisher
Piano: Garret Ross
Violin: Aimee Niemann
Viola: Fang Han
Cello: Aya Terki
Bass: Melissa Neyer