The Torres Cycle

Composer Wilfrido Terrazas presents a seven part album length work, The Torres Cycle, which explores ritual, indigenous tradition from his native Mexico, alternative notation, structured improvisation, spatialized live performance techniques, and an evocative instrumentation layout to explore questions of social connection and the mysterious relationship between tradition, history, and the present. A virtuoso flutist, Terrazas presents a musical language in which the power of expression frames the palette of techniques, creating a fresh and urgent soundworld.

released April 8, 2022

The Torres Collective

Wilfrido Terrazas, artistic coordinator

All music composed by Wilfrido Terrazas

Produced by Wilfrido Terrazas

Recorded by Andrew Munsey at Studios A and B, Warren Lecture Hall, UC San Diego, 2020-2021

Additional recording by Michael Butler, Filiberto Villavicencio, Sarah Belle Reid, Weston Olencki, Berk Schneider, Mattie Barbier, MB Gordy, Ryan Streber, and Alexandria Smith, 2019-2021

Mixed and mastered by Ramón del Buey at El Palacio de Asturias, Mexico City, September-October 2021

Cover art and design by Esther Gámez Rubio

Liner notes by Amy Cimini

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