Recorded November 2016 in San Diego, CA by Andrew Munsey

Matt Sargent’s ‘Tide’ was originally composed for bassist Zach Rowden in 2015, who laid down 10 tracks of long tones into a massed cluster drone in which he responded to composed sine tones heard through headphones as he played, shifting each new pitch to match what was piped in [MFCD1]. These two new iterations enlisted violinist Erik Carlson and cellist T.J. Borden to forge mid-range versions of the dirge with exhilarating results [awp013]. They play together on the first version, which heightens the charged play of interacting overtones, while Carlson goes it alone on the second. ‘Tide’ is almost monolithic in its density, but within its ominous power is a steady recalibration of top notes in which the grain of the instruments almost sparkles, releasing in a buzzing rush of thick overtones.” Peter Margasak, Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical: August 2020

LP, released July 3, 2020

Side A performed by Erik Carlson & T.J. Borden, Side B performed by Erik Carlson

Composed 2015 by Matt Sargent

Recorded November 2016 in San Diego, CA by Andrew Munsey

Mixed November 2016 – 2017 in Saugerties, NY by Matt Sargent

Mastered February, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA by Daniel Eaton at Little Castle Mastering