Soundlines: On Language and the Land

“Best Classical Music Albums of 2023”

New York Times

Recorded by Andrew Munsey
Produced by Steven Schick and Andrew Munsey

Soundlines: On Language and the Land is the second album of Weather Systems, a three-volume recording by the “‘Philosopher King’ of Percussion” (New York Times), Steven Schick. This album captures the 700-mile journey of the noted percussionist as he searched for language, rooted in the sounds of the animate earth, that could bind the disparate experiences of a 21st-century musician into a unified experience. Through a highly contrasted collage of music, language, and sound effects, Schick presents layered emotions in which a humorous façade dissolves to reveal deeper truths connecting music and life.

Triple disc. Released December 1, 2023 on Islandia Records.