Hearing Landscapes / Hearing Icescapes

Acclaimed composer Lei Liang releases Hearing Landscapes/Hearing Icescapes, a multidisciplinary diptych that marries diverse areas of inquiry into Chinese landscape painting and folk song, oceanography, software development, earth science, and underwater acoustics. The result are two inspiring linked works that employ these varied methodologies to explore our relationship to and sonic experience with our planet.

New Focus Recordings

Released March 10, 2023

Producer: Lei Liang

Recording engineer: Andrew Munsey

Hearing Landscapes:
Lei Liang — composer and principal investigator

Audio Team: Zachary Seldess — principal collaborator / Greg Surges — audio software developer Eric Hamdan — audio system developer

Visual Team: Falko Kuester — visual explorer; Samantha Stout — cultural heritage engineer; Eric Lo — robotic engineer; James Strawson — robotic engineer; John Mangan — software engineer; Alex Matthews — video production

Chris McFarland — software developer

Hearing Icescapes:
Lei Liang — composer / artistic director; Joshua Jones — oceanographer / principal scientific advisor; Theocharis Papatrechas — audio engineer / sound designer; Nicholas Solem — sound designer

David Aguila, trumpet; Teresa Diaz de Cossio, flute; Myra Hinrichs, violin

Hearing Icescapes was recorded at Studio A, University of California, San Diego on January 24-25, 2022

Hearing Landscapes and Hearing Icescapes were created for multichannel surround sound environments. This recording is a binaural rendition.